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May 12th -

Jessie, Luke & Deepdicc
Jessie, Luke & Deepdicc Member Comments:
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Apr 21st -

Osiris and Deepdicc
Osiris and Deepdicc Member Comments:
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Mar 31st -

Cody Jameson, Phoenix and Tru
Cody Jameson, Phoenix and Tru Member Comments:
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Mar 10th -

Justin Cross and Phoenix
Justin Cross and Phoenix Member Comments:
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Jan 27th -

Mike Ryder and Deion Thomas
Mike Ryder and Deion Thomas Member Comments:
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Jan 6th -

Rich Homie and Brooklyn
Rich Homie and Brooklyn Member Comments:
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Nov 25th -

Lucas Shaw and Assassin
Lucas Shaw and Assassin Member Comments:
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Sep 23rd -

Alex Cruiz
Alex Cruiz Member Comments:
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Sep 2nd -

Kaiden Moss
Kaiden Moss Member Comments:
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Aug 12th -

Colin James and Steele
Colin James and Steele Member Comments:
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Jul 22nd -

Mason Brooks and Steel
Mason Brooks and Steel Member Comments:
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Jul 1st -

Mr. Hampton and Caleb Andrews
Mr. Hampton and Caleb Andrews Member Comments:
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Jun 10th -

Kaiden Shaw
Kaiden Shaw Member Comments:
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Apr 29th -

Hans and Alexander
Hans and Alexander Member Comments:
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Apr 8th -

Chip Currie & Alexander James
Chip Currie & Alexander James Member Comments:
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Mar 18th -

Ian Levine and Mr. Hampton
Ian Levine and Mr. Hampton Member Comments:
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Feb 4th -

Paris and Alexander James
Paris and Alexander James Member Comments:
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Jan 14th -

Blake Stone
Blake Stone Member Comments:
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Dec 3rd -

Eddie Saint and Tyko
Eddie Saint and Tyko Member Comments:
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Nov 12th -

Billy Eastmore and Tyko
Billy Eastmore and Tyko Member Comments:
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Oct 22nd -

Chase Young and Hole Hunter
Chase Young and Hole Hunter Member Comments:
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Sep 10th -

Aiden Summers and Mr. Hampton 2
Aiden Summers and Mr. Hampton 2 Member Comments:
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Aug 20th -

Aiden Summers & Mr. Hampton
Aiden Summers & Mr. Hampton Member Comments:
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Jul 30th -

Adam and Tyko
Adam and Tyko Member Comments:
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Jul 9th -

Tyko and Kip
Tyko and Kip Member Comments:
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May 28th -

Stefan Nash
Stefan Nash Member Comments:
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May 7th -

Andy and Tim
Andy and Tim Member Comments:
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Apr 16th -

Aiden Connors
Aiden Connors Member Comments:
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Mar 26th -

Sam Tyson
Sam Tyson Member Comments:
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Jan 22nd -

Intrigue and Kevin
Intrigue and Kevin Member Comments:
ORGANP****: Can't you find some other black guy other than this worn out one ?
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Jan 1st -

Cameron Jr Perry
Cameron Jr Perry Member Comments:
nexxus****: More cute guys pls mike king and kolton need to top someone
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Nov 22nd -

Cali, Dani, Drew
Cali, Dani, Drew Member Comments:
ORGANP****: Love the body and cock on this black guy, would love to see more close ups, and also more close ups of his ass when he is getting fucked.
terenc****: something very different - again !! the producers/ directors are to be congratulated on being able to come up with such original content. Each of the three lads struck me as very nice; they really blended well together in this and looked after one another. The final moments were quite poignant- it was as if the black guy was the newborn child, and the two whites were its mother and father, somehow.
zzFSRO****: It seems that the producers can't find the real hot black men any more .. Wha't happening there ???
bamawo****: I love sucking big cocks myself!!
ORGANP****: While the guys seem to be the average, the black guy getting his due is cool. Would love to see more of his body and cock, close up, in different positions. :-)
nexxus****: More duos pls
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Nov 2nd -

Kolton Ray
Kolton Ray Member Comments:
papabu****: one of my favorites - double team this little white bitch!
bambam****: i really enjoyed the white boy's balls swaying as his ass was being plundered by the black boy in doggy. as is proper,the white boy popped his nut while being butt fucked by the black man. good scene.
terenc****: I noticed that at the end of this scene the white bois relieved himself .... please avoid letting the white bois have things there own way...I think it would have been brilliant if the black guy had told him to stop...... he should have to get permission form his master surely ? There could have been more spanking- it was noticeable by its absence in this one. Also avoid too much equality - we white bois must learn that we are the submissive ones and are useful in society on in so far as we can worship our BBCs !! PLEASE START BRINGING IN RIMMING- for the white bois to do on their masters, NOT the other way round ....
terenc****: I enjoyed this scene... although not a frequent user of gay channels in the context you have created ie black empowerment it is nothing short of a masterstroke. In this scene the white boi was submissive- when the BBC was flipped there was no hesitancy in going straight down onto it- a nice variety of scenes ie positions - I enjoyed the bottom slapping whilst the sexualcongress is going on- it reminded of where the power is... Hopefully this new series ie blacks on boys will encourage black people outof their aversion to flipping their BBCs onto us white bois... when I think of how much easier it is for a white woman to get a bbc, it makes my blod boil with jealousy.... !! come on black guys, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO FLIP YOUR MAGNIFICENT BBCs out to us bois more often..... in the words of Malcolm X, 'by any means necessary !'
str822****: lucky white boy. I wish I could feel that black cock too.
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Oct 12th -

Dani Decor
Dani Decor Member Comments:
terenc****: It was great seeing Intrigue's handsome chisled face suddenly appear on screen. I loved the way he propositioned Dani, getting him to agree. I also admired his strictness in how he exercised direction over Dani..... repetitive questioning, eg do you like the black dick ? In terms of technique it has a beautiful soothing quality about it, almost hypnotic. Most of all let me say that at this stage- I've now been through about a dozen films- more than anyone else Intrigue has the greatest turn-on ability for me. Loved the return of the spanking( did you ever locate your bats ?). In time it would be nice to have a few more 'scary' types- eg drill- sergeant/ bullies/ thugs/ 'gang members'.... I especially like the practiced of 'turning out' and would love to se this come to life in your films as if it were a nationwide crusade.
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Sep 22nd -

Drew Stiles
Drew Stiles Member Comments:
bamawo****: Just adverage i like bigger COCKS!!!
njstud****: i agree with the comments here and for the other vids in this section. find some BBC for the white boys here. same old tired small dicked black twinks over and over and over...
brugie****: get that boy some food ==== i wish this site could find some cute guys
shakaz****: Geez, the picken's are getting slim.
ORGANP****: Intrigue is NOT the big man for this tweak, see how easy the tweak took Intrigue. May be first black cock, but not the first big cock as this guy is very experienced in big cocks.
ORGANP****: Come on BF, can't U find some other big black guys, as your pool is getting tired ?
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Aug 13th -

KP Member Comments:
vtevan****: KP is real cute, looks great playing basketball, but can't take big dick deep.
brugie****: cant they find some cute boys that can actually pretend they feel something ... and some more realistic story lines --- like both guys being trashed at a party or bar
Chazzy****: Get some of the big dicked bruthas at Blacks on Blonds to drill some ass. Now that's what we're talking about!!!!
sissyf****: this was absolutely the worst vid ever created by this site. guys...the white boy was going easy on the black guy on the basketball court. why cant the gay section of this site get some action masculine bruthas on here? the black guys you use on this section are just twinky sub fags with dark skin...dull...boring...waste of time to even produce this stuff...
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Jun 14th -

Aiden Member Comments:
brugie****: boring
tokiov****: MORE MORE dirty talk and ROUGH ROUGH sex...... jeez these white bois get it too easy- you're getting fucked not a gentle hug
vicces****: eat that cum boy
polo69****: Id like to see Mr Buck , Casanova , Poenix and Pleasure Boi again...and some rimming scene too....Intrigue needs some rest
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May 5th -

Mike King
Mike King Member Comments:
nexxus****: Mikey needs to come back and bang a top himself
brugie****: another boring lying white boy that should be spending money on food instead of a car ... his ass has seen more traffic than i-95
pussby****: nice white boy, but he has should do more to make his man happy using his asshole properly rather than jerking himself off.
tokiov****: Hole Hunter is the best..... more nasty, mean tops that know how to treat their bottoms
polo69****: a bit tired of that top .
FSROLL****: Please again and agin find some other tops.
Tony20****: Dam!I found the super top Intrigue in a performance as bottom in!I thought he was only top... and I don't know what to say... I like Intrigue as top, with the strong sex only he knows haw to do.Dear Intrigue, it's better keep the strengh of a top man. The fans will be happy.
spoony****: Finally a white guy that isn't all skeevy...
Kandi6****: Honestly, I am getting tired of Intrigue. Can we get some big dicked, black brothas? I am tired of seeing the same recycled black tops! Like, really? Why are the other sites using different black men and WE get the MINIMUM? I'm like other need to have more updates AND recruit FRESH tops because this problem has been repetitive for the past year or so.
Tony20****: This site could make movies with young blacks, like the scene with Chris Kingston. The youngs are so hot, more when topping white boys. All the black men here are very nice. But I'm missing the Young boys, so black, fucking this cute white boys. It's only an idea. Thanks.
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Apr 15th -

Cody Bristol
Cody Bristol Member Comments:
vtevan****: Deep Hard Fucking, Good Boys
Hootie****: Oops, I meant UZI! UZI! UZI!
Hootie****: CODY! CODY! CODY!
tokiov****: Yeah- and David West and Ricky Raw-- and Brad Slater if possible
FSROLL****: Cody is very hot with a big dick. More scene with him please
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Mar 26th -

Sean Dean
Sean Dean Member Comments:
brugie****: i think sean is more use to it than we thought..
FSROLL****: Casanova is OK but not great to me. Ask for Pleasure Boi to come back. Thanks a lot
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Mar 6th -

Alex Grey
Alex Grey Member Comments:
str822****: Lucky Alex!!
brugie****: membership wil sky rocket -- if you can find more boys like alex grey --- especially if the top will get wild and make then moan and cry .
brugie****: alex is so cute --- once you have white --- you want it every night
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Feb 15th -

Nate Richards
Nate Richards Member Comments:
pussby****: that's the way we white pussy boys like it. One to hold us down, while the one fucks us
hotboy****: These black men like good tight boy pussy I am a black queen I need to be up there I they will have a good nut more than one I want black lion so I can suck that dick and toss that salad.
FSROLL****: Very hot scene because this young very hot black huge curved dick. He's super hot !!! Ca you please find some other new faces? Intrigue is good, not great any way. We are tired of him. Thanks to take notice.
jgutta****: He loves that black meat
wht4hu****: What a hungry pussy boy to take two huge black dick that yet again showed why once you go black he will never go back to white cocks.
Kandib****: I love the scene because the white boy is clearly shows his love for black cum. My only complaint...stop recycling the tops! Can we get some NEW fresh faces?! Tired of seeing Intrigue! Can we get some big black brothas?!
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